No. 75 – SCT

SCT [Safety Controls Technology] – Gail Grueser, president

Q: Give us an example of a business challenge your organization faced, as well as how you overcame it.

SCT was working with a very large client on a post-accident safety interruption project. The client went bankrupt during the early stages of the contract, and SCT lost a large percent of the company’s projected annual income as a result, forcing SCT into making quick adjustments, which included many layoffs.

With quick action, SCT was able to refocus its business model and adapt an in-depth, comprehensive cross-training process involving the remaining team, which empowered the team to begin on-boarding new clients. The result was 100 percent rehire of the employees who were laid off within a three-month time frame, and setting the groundwork for substantial, consistent growth in the three years that followed.

Q: In what ways are you an innovative leader, and how does your organization employ innovation to be on the leading edge?

SCT  is focused on extending our services, not only to traditional customers within the Occupational Health and Safety realm, but to those who are not necessarily on OSHA’s standard safety and health radar. SCT is currently working with COSE to develop and deploy a new COSE Safety Plus program, whose mission is to provide safety and health consultation, products and services to COSE members which will facilitate a rate reduction in COSE members’ Worker’s Compensation Premiums.

In addition, SCT firmly believes in the notion that all employees of any company should be afforded the opportunity to work in a safe and healthy environment. In an effort to amplify this belief and convert it into tangible employee benefits, SCT is spearheading an international Glass Manufacturing Safety Committee in conjunction with the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) and its members. The goal is to bring safety and health standards and awareness to an international industry whose employees lives depend on it every day.

Q: What is the greatest lesson you have learned and how have you applied it?

SCT supplies comprehensive workplace hazard control to a multinational client base. Many projects are long-term and multi-faceted. As a small company, one of SCT’s benefits is flexibility and unusually fast response times in relation to client needs and requests. The risk to SCT in these client benefits is that, often times, client needs are immediate and there is little, if any, time available to implement formal contracts and written project scopes. SCT has adapted a solution for developing simplified, yet comprehensive contracts that clearly identify the project scope to customers, while protecting SCT’s interest in the projects. Clients benefit through scope clarity and SCT’s continued flexibility without incurring delays in times that require immediate and critical response.

Q: How does your organization make a significant impact on the community and regional economy?

SCT sustained steady growth for three years. As a result, new hires occurred and the existing company headquarters is quickly becoming cramped. The owners are actively searching for a new location within the Cleveland area, focusing on HUB Zone locations. SCT plans to renovate the new, yet-to-be-determined building using green materials and systems that support sustainability. The goal for the new location is LEED Certification and to produce as close to a zero-sum facility as possible. SCT aims to be a catalyst for other organizations looking for new locations, and hopes that others will consider the benefits to the HUB Zone locations and forge ahead to re-beautify the host of Cleveland’s charming real estate pockets.

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