About Event Apps

Event apps are computer applications or programs that not only support organizers in planning and managing an event, but they also provide information and guidance to participants to make their attendance a pleasurable experience.


Event apps offer several benefits, including ease of access to contact information about exhibitors and attendees, real-time delivery of updates and schedule changes, and detailed maps of the venue's floor plan and exhibitor locations.


Event apps can help both exhibitors and attendees to fully engage and interact with each other before, during, and after an event, as they can aid in exchange of opinions, delivery of surveys, and collection of product or service feedback.


Event apps can be easily customized to the organizer's specific needs or the event's unique characteristics. Developers can implement specific functionalities within the app or provide tailored user interfaces and custom graphics.

Get Your Event Connected

Considering today's internet-connected society and cutting edge technology, it is a no brainer for event organizers to take advantage of event apps while either planning, organizing, or attending an event. The benefits are endless.