No. 71 – Lexi-Comp Inc.

Lexi-Comp Inc., Steven Kerscher, president and COO

Q: Give us an example of a business challenge your organization faced, as well as how you overcame it.

Lexi-Comp experienced communication difficulties within its various business units that deal in product and software development. The company created cross-functional business teams, comprised of members from five development areas, tasked to focus on outward-facing customer products and inward-facing business tools. Each team has one leader meets regularly to discuss and complete a prioritized listing of products scheduled for development or specific maintenance operations. The teams share this information with an additional cross-functional business team tasked with helping remove barriers and providing resources to the five cross-functional teams. In addition to aiding our development processes, the teams communicate Lexi-Comp’s product roadmap to our marketing department, which helps the company prepare targeted external communications for prospects and customers.

Q: In what ways are you an innovative leader, and how does your organization employ innovation to be on the leading edge?


Innovation is about implementation. We focus on integrating new, forward-thinking ideas into the business and make sure to recognize the individuals that bring forth these ideas (whether implemented or not). The big ideas will come from very few individuals. However, the ideas that continue to drive productivity and customer service happen every day. 

I make an effort to ask the employees closest to the work about how things can be improved. This gives me more than enough to work on for the foreseeable future.

We also have an innovation committee that thinks of new and creative ways to keep the message of brainstorming and implementation alive in the workplace. In some cases, it’s about educating the company about what innovation is, and in other cases it’s about bringing together a cross-functional team to solve the problem differently. As a company, we all work hard to pause, reflect, and view the daily challenges we face through a different set of lenses.


Q: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned and how have you applied it?


The greatest lesson I’ve learned is the value of talking less and listening more. I apply this lesson by asking more questions. We have great women and men working for our organization. They are closest to our customers and work hard to identify and find solutions to each of these customer’s pain points.


Q: How does your organization make a significant impact on the community and regional economy?

Lexi-Comp provides dedicated focus and support to Hattie Larlham, a nonprofit organization that provides services to more than 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities. We found Hattie Larlham’s mission and Lexi-Comp’s mission were aligned and felt we could make a bigger impact if we focused ourselves and gave back. Lexi-Comp also provides employees paid time off to work on company-sponsored charitable endeavors. Each employee is encouraged to spend at least three work days aiding a charitable endeavor in our community.

In addition to our philanthropic support, we employ over 140 professionals in Northeast Ohio and plan to grow by 15 more employees over the next year.

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